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More info about Beepiz:

Beepiz was founded in 2017 after more than three years of development.

 From 2014, our R&D Team has started working on Beepiz app creating an algorithm to detect falls and other dangers. They also worked on a management portal.

Key figures:

3 years of development

More than 17 000 downloads (Android + iOS)


About 1 000 hours saved in emergency services intervention

More than 2500 customers

45 employees


More than 30 new features per year

In 2014, we realized that there was no lone worker protection device efficient enough and even if there is a legal obligation to equip lone worker. Most of them were not using lone worker protection devices. How to protect lone workers differently than with expensive, big, inefficient, and non-upgradable devices?

That is why we decided to launch a new project permitting to create an affordable app, more efficient, and which will fit all kinds of lone workers.

Beepiz entered the lone worker protection market.

What do we call a lone worker device ? And what is a lone worker ?

A lone worker protection device allows the ability to alert the emergency services in the case of a danger. We call a " lone worker" someone who is working by himself without close or direct supervision. 

Our vision :

By taking into consideration the wellness and the safety of workers, Beepiz wanted to offer an easy, intuitive and affordable solution. Our Beepiz solution is a mobile app that you can download on your smartphone. For management teams, there is a management portal that is easy to use and complete. Moreover, you can benefit from a free version of Beepiz containing the main features !

Placing lone worker protection at the middle of our concerns, Beepiz is doing its best to use the technology offering software and innovative solutions.

Nowadays, a lot of programs are based on  open-source technologies, allowing the developer community to share and to communicate about their work.  This interaction saves time and allows the success of big projects like Android. All of this would not be possible without contributors. That is why we also share a part of our work in open-source in order to share with others. We aim to share quality reliable code in order to let it be used in all kinds of activities, included in the safety and security sector.

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