Interactive alert feeds : better than cascade mode ! 

Contrary to lone worker devices using cascade calls (loss of time, voice channel busy during calls, the number 1 contact person takes into account the alert, while the number 3 contact person was closer to the injured lone worker than the number 1 contact person...) Beepiz has developed Live Events, a new way to take charge of alerts.

Interact with your remote workers directly using our built-in live chat.


Our built-in live chat !

Thanks to a link to our built-in live chat into our detailed alert, receivers of alerts can communicate and agree on the best process to adopt.


They can send preset messages to improve communication or talk freely about the alert.

Improve communication

Contrary to cascade alert mode, interactive alert feed simultaneously warns all receivers of the alert.


Limit psychosocial risks of your injured lone worker

In the case of an emergency, interactive alert feeds are displayed automatically on the smartphone of the injured lone worker. He is informed of the management of his alert. If he cannot reach his screen, a text-to-speech informs him of new messages received on the built-in live chat, which contributes to make him feel safe.