The Beepiz app is compatible with all Android smartphones, and can be used on smartphones with ATEX norms. Beepiz is the solution for lone workers working in an ATEX area.


What are ATEX standards ?

Two standards concerning explosive atmospheres have came into effect on July 1st 2003, imposed by the European Union, known as the ATEX standards. Firstly, ATEX norms consist of the identification and limitation of hazardous areas, and they have been followed by many other standards and decrees.

What are ATEX areas ?

ATEX zoning targets measure and define risks and adapt products you may use according to hazardous areas. The employer must indicate which areas are potentially explosive on a site, for example, if there are : gas, steam or dust.

According to standard 1999/92/CE and to article R.4227-50 of the French Labour Code, there are three levels of  ATEX zones for each distinction realized :

- zones with gas and steam

- zones with the presence of dust.

To sum up, 0 & 20 zones concerned permanent hazards, frequent and of long-duration.  1 & 21 zones concerned occasional risks while ATEX zones 2 & 22 concerned rare hazard or short-term duration.


What are ATEX standards ? What is an ATEX area ? How can you provide efficient lone worker devices which can be used in ATEX areas ?

Can we use Beepiz app in ATEX zone ?

Mobile Android ATEX DATI Beepiz

Beepiz is the most efficient lone worker app on the market. Beepiz aims to protect lone worker, and try to answer the workers' needs, according to their needs, or environments. If nowadays Beepiz is available as a mobile app, it is because it uses the technological power of smartphones and most of all their diversity.

Compatible with all Android phones, such as Samsung, Crosscall or Sony, Beepiz is also compatible on high resisting phones and answers to ATEX norms.

Already available on areas 2/22, Beepiz is completely operational in ATEX areas !