Beacon B2 | Rugged terminal for lone worker device

Beepiz is compatible with all Android terminals: Samsung, Nokia, Crosscall, Kyocera, Huawei... But Beepiz also offers the beacon B2.

Highly resistant, the beacon B2 is a hybrid between a classical lone worker protection beacon and a smartphone.

The solidity of a professional radio

Highly resistant, the beacon  B2 will suit all kinds of working environments. 

Water resistant and dust resistant(IP 68 standards),this terminal resists to fall up to 1.5 meters.

Moreover, the device also operates under extreme temperatures: between -20°C and 60°C.

The power of a smartphone

Smaller than an actual smartphone (131x70x26mm) and made up of a 2,8" screen, the beacon B2 is very developed and allows the complete exploitation of our Beepiz app.


Wi-Fi, 3G, GPS, accelerometer... Feel safe with the beacon B2 !


Easy to use and good design

Not only highly resistant, the beacon B2 has physical buttons SOS. It allows to send enriched alerts once you push the button.

Lateral button is used to start the attack alerts, you will find the SOS button on the top of the terminal.


Possibility to wear it on the belt

With the B2 beacon, you will get an accessory to wear the beacon on the belt.

Often smartphones are not easy to wear on belts, because they are too big or difficult to clip onto.

With this beacon, a resistance clip can be attached which gives you the possibility to wear the BEEPIZ app on your belt in any situation. At your workplace, it brings complete monitoring and it keeps your hands free.

In this way, the B2 beacon can perfectly detect any fall, loss of verticality or long-term lack of movement ! 

Clip por pot à la ceinture de la balise B1 pour application DATI

Benefits from 3 big advantages of the beacon docking station 

  • USB connectors are not damaged : thanks to the dock station, USB connectors are not damaged as they can be on other devices.

  • Charging speed: the B2 beacon charges very fast on the docking station and needs only to be placed in it. It allows a better acceptance and implementation  of the solution.

  • Beepiz app can start automatically when you pick up beacon from its support(and stop also automatically when you put it back on the support).