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Does Beepiz work with MDM solutions(Mobile Device Management) ?

Yes ! Beepiz works with MDM solutions to allow large fleet of smartphones to use it. We can mention the following MDM, compatible with Beepiz (incomplete list) :

  1. Airwatch Device Management Mobile from VMware
  2. Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) from MobileIron
  3. MaaS360 de Fiberlink, from IBM
  4. Knox Premium from Samsung
  5. ZEN Works Mobile Management from Novell
  6. Good Technology from BlackBerry
  7. ZenPrise Mobile Manager from Citrix
Beepiz app associated to MDM facilitates large deployment.

What is bluetooth low-energy autonomy (beacons or ActionPoint) ?

The manufacturer indicates 30 to 40 months on a new battery, transmission frequency 1Hz (once per second), enough in our case. We indicate 24 months on our documentation to keep a security margin.

Is it possible to localize an user only in case of an alert ?

You can stop the "tracking 5 minutes" on Beepiz app. Nevertheless, it is important to notice that tracking improves the exactitude when an alert goes on and allows to follow the previous events before alert goes on.

Is there an API ? What does it do ?

Yes, Beepiz has an API. It allows you to realize several programming actions. In this way, you can, for instance integrate operations on Beepiz in your own softwares. Complete information available here: https://developer.suivideflotte.net/

What is the size of the app installed on devices ?

Developed in native language, the application is therefore relatively small. Indeed, the size of the application may vary depending on the Android version and the terminal, but it remains systematically less than a volume of 20 MB.

Why Beepiz app ask authorization ?

The Beepiz app is made to protect the lone worker. To do so, it needs various authorizations for the sake of efficiency. Please note that we do not transfer any of your data to a third party and that permissions are requested in order to improve DATI functionality and your user experience. - Camera authorization is required to potentially be able to take photos during a tour and in a future update, to insert a video when sending an enhanced alert. - Authorization for contacts is required to create the shortcut for contacts within the application. - The position authorization is the most essential of all because it allows the geolocation of the individual in the event of an alert so that the emergency services can intervene as quickly as possible. - Telephone authorization allows you to alert the necessary people via your Beepiz application in the event of danger. - Bluetooth authorization is required for indoor location. NFC authorization is necessary for identification cards and potentially to certify that a passage to a specific point has been made. - Various other authorizations are requested in order to offer you a virtual SOS button on the lock screen of your smartphone. Access our privacy policy by clicking here.

Can we modify the user of an identification card ?

Yes, identification cards can be modified. If a card is assign to a worker who left the company, or for any other reason, you can reuse the identification card. To give it to another worker, goes on your Beepiz portal : > "Settings" > "Identifications" > You can modify : modificate the name of the card's user, add a picture or commentary

How does work the automatic answer?

The automatic answer has been made to accept a voice call automatically when an alert goes on, and when the lone worker is not able to answer directly the call. Consequently, when the option is activated, the automatic answer is effective from the triggering of an alert, until the monitoring starts again normally, once it is considered that the user is capable of pick up on its own.

How does work Text To Speech ?

Text To Speech is available in the Premium offer and allows to get the detailled alert through a call.. Thus, during an alert, a robotic voice will present the detailled alert to the number of your choice. The phone number who is calling is the following : +33 9 70 18 64 68

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