Here you will find a presentation of some of the accessories available with our Beepiz app.

We would like to respond to all companies' expectations with solutions adapted to their needs.

Beacons ActionPoint pour Beepiz
Beepiz offers indoor location, essential for workers safety inside buildings or closed spaces. Thanks to the beacons, that we call «actions points», Beepiz is able to locate exactly where beacons are and Beepiz users to guarantee a fast intervention and a maximal safety.
In this way, when an alert is sent, the posted information will indicate exactly where the person is in danger is located. Weather in a garage, a parking lot, a building, a train station or any other closed space, the indoor location is an important feature of our Beepiz app.
Beepiz works with connected watches from Apple.  With an Apple Watch it is possible to stop the monitoring, pause a detection mode or to start an SOS alert or attack. 
Important : the watch does not operate alone, the use of an iPhone necessary. It is an extension of the iOS app.
Get our Beepiz app on your Apple Watch !
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Gilet connecté Beepiz
To be able to adapt to all kinds of situations, Beepiz has developed a compatibility with a connected jacket which can take over the detections thanks to its sensors. LED equipped, in case of an alert, the person will be seen from far away or in a noisy or dark environment.