Beepiz app has plenty of features available, with a very intuitive interface to provide the best safety to the lone worker

You can download our BEEPIZ app for free on GooglePlay and on AppStore.

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The solution is very easy to use. The main screen only contains simple items like a yellow button to start or to stop the monitoring. The app is easy to use by any lone worker and maximize his safety.


The app detects some problems automatically such as : loss of verticality, lack of movement and fall. Moreover, there are two manual alerts : a SOS button, and also an attack alert which sends a discrete alert.


In case of a problem, positive security permits to check if the alert can be sent correctly where the app's user is located.

It shows which are the dead zones and it prevents problems from happening.

In a high risk environment, lone worker knows that his device is 100% operational.


Indoor and outdoor location, kind of alerts, identity of the lone worker, hour, date, history of the events...


Main feature of lone worker device, Beepiz offers the most complete alert on the market.

In this rich alert, you will find more than 15 essential information needed by the supervisor or emergency services. 


Thanks to a link to our built-in live chat on the enriched alert, people who are receiving the alert can agree on the care to bring.


You can now send broadcast messages to your lone workers.


In some situations, the user can stop a feature for a certain time. For example, if an employee needs to lay down under a machine to fix it, he can deactivate temporarily detection mode " loss of verticality" for a specific time and can keep monitoring on with other alerts of the lone worker protection.


This feature gives the possibility to lone worker to indicate how long he will be working in a dead zone. The alert will go off if there is no return under coverage just after a define time.


The first person who arrives in the accident's place will be assisted with first aid gestures which will bebe displayed on the smartphone’s screen of the victim. This feature has been developed with a specialist in saving gestures. Thanks to it, first aid gestures can be realized and we know how they are crucial to save a lone worker’s life. You can have access to it also on the app men, indeed all lone workers have easy access to these gestures which can save lives.


Thanks to an identification card, one and the same Beepiz app can be used by several users. Indeed, identification is automatic and datas are immediately transmitted to lone worker app. This feature is really appreciated by companies working with temporary workers and contributes to reducing the number of working accidents and their seriousness.

Beepiz is the most developed lone worker app on the market. Beepiz is easy to deploy on a large number of devices, and can locate indoor or outdoor.  The feature patrol (for patrol monitoring) or the quality of the portal makes Beepiz number one in terms of quality.

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