Thanks to Actionpoint© (beacon technology), QR Code or NFC technology contactless, Beepiz allows you to choose the best option for the realisation of your patrol monitoring. 

Choose the solution which fits you best!

Practicality & easiness

Choose the solution which best suits your situation!

3 technologies are available at Beepiz,  to organize your patrols : 

- QR Code

- Beacons


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Beepiz contributes to make security guards for instance  feel safe and to communicate key information while they are on a patrol.

Organize the patrols of your safety agents with our Beepiz app and patrol option.


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Follow patrols of your team in real-time

Thanks to the Beepiz portal, you can follow the patrols of your security guards in real-time.

Check the patrol in real-time.

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Compare the theoretical time and the actual time between each point.

Compare automatically the theoretical time defined, and the actual  time between two points on your patrol map.


With a color code, you will easily see which points have been forgotten or if they have been scanned too late. In this way, you can improve the patrols of your team.

Integrated editor of patrol creation

Through the Beepiz portal, you can easily manage your patrols and create new ones.

If there must be any required change to itineraries, you can change them easily and improve them too!

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