In case of a danger, our lone worker app Beepiz will alert the emergency services.  Beepiz sends the most complete detailed alerts on the lone worker protection market. You will find more than 15 necessary details needed to rescue a lone worker. 

Lone worker is injured and must be rescued asap.

Our rich alert helps to complete this essential mission.

Our lone worker alert


Our lone worker protection is able to send a rich alert to a list of contacts after 5 events.

The app algorithm gives the possibility to automatically detect fall over, a lack of movement or a fall from a height.

There are also two manual modes:

SOS alert and attack.

When an alert goes off, an alert will be sent to the supports of your choice. Alerts can be sent simultaneously to several channels.

Perte de verticalté DATI PTI
Alerte agression DATI PTI
Immobilité prolongée DATI PTI

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Receive the detailed alert by text and/or by email.

You can fill one of the field below (or both!)

Lone worker protection notification sent on multiple supports

When an alarm has been triggered, an alert is sent to the support of your choice.  

The alert can be sent simultaneously to several channels.

Alerts can be sent by :

  • Text message

  • Phone call (text-to-speech)

  • Email

  • Management portal

Detailed alerts can be sent to selected members of the company or to a telemonitoring service if wanted. 

Rich alert.png

Detailed alerts on our lone worker app

By email, text or through Beepiz portal,  the detailed alert you receive has all  the necessary information for an efficient intervention by the emergency services.

What is included in a detailed alert ?

Kind of alert :

fall over, SOS, attack…


User identity


Shortcut for a quick call :

to alert's sender


Outdoor location :

through GPS


Indoor location :

with our ActionPoints


List of previous events


Heart rate information

with Apple Watch (connected to the app on iOS)

Link to alert feeds