Would you like to manage it internally ? You would like to ask a telemonitoring operator to deal with it ? You have the choice !

We want to manage it internally

To deal with your alerts or the process of verification, choose the solution which bests fit your need!

"We want to manage internally our alerts"

Beepiz allows the management of ALL alerts internally and the process of verification.  

After sending a rich alert, we let you deal with the process in internally.

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"We would like Beepiz to manage it" 

In this case, we take care of everything : Beepiz is the intermediary between the telemonitoring service and your company.

In collaboration with one of the world leaders in security, this option includes the external management of the verification process.


You have nothing to deal with, all the alerts sent from the lone worker app will be sent to a telemonitoring service available 24/7.

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" We already work with a telemonitoring operator"

Beacons Beepiz

If you are already working with a telemonitoring service, that's fine too!

On demand, Beepiz can work with other telemonitoring companies.

Contact us to check this point with us.